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    We offer a gait analysis to find the right shoe for you

a wide range of shoes, clothes and accessories

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Expert advice on which shoes best suit your running style.

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Get kitted out from head to toe in all the latest running fashion.

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GPS watches and heart rate monitors in stock.


Enhance your training with sports gels and recovery drinks.

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We have a large number of years running experience behind us.

All our staff are runners and regularly take part in local and national events.

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New stock arrives on a weekly basis and we have all the new releases that will keep you up to date.

gait analysis

Gait analysis is about finding the best shoe that helps control any foot stability issues, allows a good flowing stride and is balanced so both feet look even. Usually we’ll find several shoes that work then it’s about getting the best fit/ feel , with the most preferable cushioning and if required a likeable colour.