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As a specialist running shop we stock a wide range of products. We cater for beginners all the way up to elite Club athletes.

Road Running Shoes

We stock a good range of support and neutral running shoes for Men, Women and Kids to suit your running style.

XC and Trail Shoes

Our selection of Cross Country and trail shoes will prepare you for going off road, across the fields and along the country trails.

Competition Shoes

We also stock specialist racing flats and spikes, suitable for either track or cross country for those that like to run a bit faster!


Leicester Running Shop is owned and run by runners, so we have a good idea about what you need for your day to day running and races.

As well as shoes, we pride ourselves in being able to supply all the ‘other bits’ you need to get running.

Our complete range of running gear and accessories to kit you out is too vast to list here, but if you can think of it we probably have it in stock – just ask.

Energy Food

Fuelling your body before, during and after a run or race can have a big impact. We have a good range and stock of gels, energy drinks and bars, as well as carb & electrolytes.


A great range of running clothes for all the seasons are always in stock. Vests, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, jackets, coats, shorts, leggings. We have a changing room too, so you can try before you buy.

Running Socks

All the major ranges of socks can be found to compliment your running shoes. Brands in stock come from Nike, Adidas, 1000 mile, Hilly & Asics.


What you wear underneath whilst running can be just as important as the outside. Comfort for those delicate places makes sense!


Water bottles, gel belts, hats, gloves are just a few of the many items we have in store.

specialist running brands

New stock arrives on a weekly basis and we have all the new releases that will keep you up to date.

selected items on sale!